A new 175 watt par 38 heat lamp with unmatched performance for swine houses.

The Comfort Zone 20TM has been selected by the American Society of Agricultural Engineers to receive an AE 50 Award for the 2004 competition.

The Comfort Zone 20TM Heat Lamp

The revolutionary Comfort Zone 20TM was created to provide the right temperature to the entire litter. On average, it provides a temperature range of 92°F to 97°F within a 20" diameter circle at a lamp height of 20". Retrolite Corporation of America and Sylvania have joined efforts to bring you the only heat lamp specifically designed for swine production. The lamp uses Sylvania's patented SPL Lens Technology to accomplish a heat distribution pattern no other lamp can match.

Compare the performance of the 175 watt Comfort Zone 20TM with another popular lamp.

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