A retrofit enclosure system for plastic or porcelain keyless socket fixtures.

The polycarbonate lamp enclosure is easily cleaned, highly resistant to breakage and prevents moisture and dust from reaching the lamp and fixture socket.

Quick & easy to install. No need to remove the fixture. Use only a screw driver to mount the Retroliter® adapter to the keyless fixture, then screw on the enclosure.
Retroliter® Lamp Guard Interchangeable clear or colored enclosures are available in lengths to accommodate all types of lamps. Incandescents, spiral fluorescents and twin tube fluorescents with screw-in ballasts can all be used.

Without Lamp Guard Protection
With Lamp Guard Protection
If a red, green or blue light is desired, a colored enclosure can be used with a regular lamp. This eliminates the need to purchase a more expensive colored lamp.
  • Maintain full light output by preventing dust buildup on hard to clean lamps.
  • Avoid corrosion to fixture sockets caused by moisture from humidity or misting systems.
  • Eliminate glass fragments that result from broken lamps and are a hazard to livestock and production personnel.
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