Seal Tight Wide Body

Seal Tight Narrow Body

Retroliter® Seal Tight Energy Efficient, Low Maintenance Lighting Fixtures

Dust and Vapor Tight - U.L. Listed for Wet Locations NSF Approved Housing

Typical applications:
  • Dairy barns, swine and poultry houses, equestrian arenas
  • Food processing plants
  • Commercial and institutional kitchens
  • Parking garages
  • Exterior undereave lighting

Fixture lengths:
2 foot, 4 foot and 8 foot.

Lower Maintenance Costs:
Fiberglass reinforced polyester enclosure body and acrylic diffuser protect inner fixture by sealing out corrosive gases and moisture.

Clear crepe pattern diffusers are made of high impact acrylic/DR material to withstand potential damage from shipping, pressure washing and handling during routine maintenance.

Continuous poured polyurethane gasket has no butt seam to separate. Unlike neoprene, its ability to seal is not affected by age.

Non metallic, easy action retaining latches lock diffuser firmly in place to make a positive seal with the enclosure body.

Superior Performance:
Electronic ballasts with high power factor and low harmonic distortion provide maximum energy savings and 0 F. ambient temperature start.

Electromagnetic ballasted models are offered for use when lower initial cost is more important than energy savings. An optional premium ballast specifically designed for 34 watt, T12 lamps maximizes both light output and lamp life.

Specular reflectors for one lamp 4' and two lamp 8' fixtures boost light levels by over 40%.

Easier Installation:

  • Fixture ends have holes for 1/2" conduit. Installer does not waste time with knockouts and can use a single connector to secure through outer enclosure and inner fixture. Plugs are provided to seal unused holes.
  • Optional stainless steel mounting brackets for chain hanging, flush ceiling installation or corrugated ceiling installation eliminate the need for drilling through the enclosure. This method avoids a potential source for water leakage.
  • Easy mount ballast covers with 1/4 turn fasteners.
  • Bulk packaging for large jobs reduces the volume of material requiring disposal at the installation site. Optional pivot ends for the inner fixture rotate and lock into place. There is no need to attach lampholders or end plates, so considerable time is saved for the installer.