Seal Tight Wide Body

Seal Tight Narrow Body

Retroliter® 4' High Light Output Seal Tight Fluorescent Fixture
  High Light Output
Two 32 Watt T8 XP Lamps
Standard Light Output
Two 34 Watt T12 Lamps
System Lumens 7200 4752 51.5%
Lamp Life 24,000 Hours 20,000 Hours 20%
Input Watts 78 72 8%

Four Foot Fully Assembled Fixture for Two F032T8 Lamps Wide Body

Catalog Number Description Input
Voltage Amps
232E-HLO-CVP-W Electronic ballast, snap on ballast cover, 0° F. starting temperature. 78 120 .67

Optional Features:
Mounting Stainless steel brackets allow fixture to be attached to minor ribs of corrugated ceiling.
Catalog Number: 2SSB CVP-W

Ballast Cover

Easy mount ballast cover with 1/4 turn fasteners.
Catalog Number: EMBC


277 volts
Catalog Number: Add 277 to end of fixture catalog number.

Bulk Pack Version:
The fixture listed above is available bulk packed in multiples of 60 fixtures. Packaging is, 6 inner fixtures per carton; 30 diffusers per carton; 60 enclosure bodies per carton.
Catalog Number: Add BP to end of fixture catalog number.

Assembly Required by Installer:
Slide the prewired lamp holders onto the mounting brackets. Snap on end plates. Attach inner fixture to outer enclosure body studs. All fasteners are provided, and all holes are knocked out at the factory.

Pivot End Option:
Pivot ends have prewired lamp holders mounted. Installer simply rotates ends into locked position to complete inner fixture assembly.
Catalog Number: Add BPPE to fixture catalog number instead of BP.

  Fixture      2 Years
Lamps 3 Years (XP type if ordered with fixture, 2 years for 700 or 800 series lamps)
Ballast 5 Years

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